Blists Hill Fireworks Night

Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge opened it’s doors on the evening of Saturday November 7 for a Family Fireworks Extravaganza.

Flight Planner

Compiling a flight log is a prerequisite to making a cross-country flight. It is used to record the calculations and measurements made in the briefing room, and provides a plan to follow on your knee-board during the actual flight.

I'm a Photographer, not a Terrorist

Photography is under attack. Across the country it that seems anyone with a camera is being targeted as a potential terrorist, whether amateur or professional, whether landscape, architectural or street photographer.

Heliflight Christmas Party

Last night I was at the rather excellent Mill Hotel in Alveley for HeliflightUK’s Christmas Party. This is a great opportunity for all the staff and customers of Heliflight to mingle and meet other fellow helicopter pilots, along with their partners and friends.

Mathematical Solution to the Triangle of Velocities

The motion of an aircraft relative to the surface of the Earth is made up of two velocities. These are the aircraft moving relative to the air mass, and the air mass moving relative to the surface of the Earth. Adding these two vectors together gives us the aircrafts motion over the ground. Together, they form the “triangle of velocities”.