Pi Power!

Pi power! The project is coming along nicely. It’s got a Raspberry Pi for communication with the outside world, and a custom-made Arduino board for controlling the steering servo and L298-based DC motor driver. I’ve hacked a standard RC receiver to obtain the PPM signal which is decoded using the Input Capture function on pin 14 of the ATMega328.


These look like a good set of ingredients for fun! This is a Marui Ninja RC buggy. It must be at least 20 years old. I dug it out the loft last night. I quite like the idea of taking a really old car, and upgrading it with a brushless motor, new ESC, LiPo battery etc.

SATA plug melted!

I was making ISOs from some BD discs when I noticed a rather odd smell coming from my living room. Further investigation revealed that it was coming from my mediacentre PC that drives my projector.

Can I flash CWM recovery permanently?

In previous blog posts I’ve talked about booting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from ClockworkMod recovery. This is a third-party open-source application that is very useful for performing system maintenance on an Android phone.

Does an OTA update mean I lose root?

Do you “lose root” if you install an over-the-air update on a stock Android phone? No! All that happens is that the permissions on the “su” binary get changed so it is no longer executable. Those l33t haxors will have you thinking you need to do something terribly complicated in order to “get root” but it’s really quite simple.

Obtaining root privileges on the Galaxy Nexus – the easy way!

Many people refer to “rooting” an Android phone, and almost seem to make out that you have to be some sort of l33t haxor in order to do it. Indeed, they provide “simple 1-click methods” so that the poor simple users can do it for themselves, because it would be far too difficult for them otherwise.

Recovering lost photos from a memory card using Linux

Occasionally my camera has messed up the memory card and lots of photos have been lost. Of course, the photos are not really lost it’s just the file system that is corrupt. With the right software, it’s possible to search the contents of the card and retrieve the lost or deleted files.