Blocking Facebook with Firewalld

Want to block Facebook and all of its trackers? Here’s a little script that looks up all IP addresses used by Facebook and blocks outbound connections using Firewalld.

Talk at NAM2015

Here are the slides from my talk on BiSON Performance during “The Variable Sun” session at the 2015 National Astronomy Meeting in Lllandudno, Wales, UK.

Free spreadsheets!

I’m pleased to announce that my rotorcraft spreadsheets are now available under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Home Automation: An Intelligent Thermostat

Almost six months ago I posted an article on reverse engineering the communication protocol of a Worcester-Bosch DT10RF wireless thermostat using a soundcard as a logic analyser. Now that we are well into winter, I can report on the progress and effectiveness of the project.

More SATA adapter fires!

Following my post last year about the Molex-SATA adapter fire in my home-cinema PC, many people have contacted me telling me about their similar experiences.

Making a soundcard logic analyser.

Have you ever needed to capture a logic signal to check that your Arduino or Raspberry Pi project is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, but you don’t have an oscilloscope? Or maybe you do have a ‘scope but it doesn’t have a storage mode, so the signal goes past far too quickly to see.